Welcome to a DLT future!

We are RadBag Labs, the creators of the Radix-powered RadBag Wallet. You can download it here:

Android Version (Android 8.0 or above only)
iOS Version (iOS 13 or above only)

The source code for the RadBag Wallet can be found on GitHub through this link:

RadBag Wallet Source Code

We also run a top 100 validator node with a low 1% fee! Please consider staking with us to support the creation of more quality Radix ecosystem apps.

Our validator address is: rv1qt7dmsekqnrel6uxf9prqwujhn4udnu9yl9yzrlrkprmq4zrwmppvxn2gqf

More validator details can be found at: https://explorer.radixdlt.com/#/validators/rv1qt7dmsekqnrel6uxf9prqwujhn4udnu9yl9yzrlrkprmq4zrwmppvxn2gqf

Thank you!